Health Education

The Trust is engaged in various activities like upliftment of  Eco-Socio Backward Society by providing Health Education and Self-Employment.

Water Resources

We also regularly undertake the projects such as Sanitation, low cost housing and water resources in the urban area sponsored by State / Central Government. 

Housing Projects

The Trust now intends to undertake the Housing Project wherein it is proposed to provide free housing to about 1200 members of the Trust who are Blind, Handicapped, Deaf, Widow, Divorcee, Helpless women, mentally challenged, Orphans, Cancer, Dialysis, Kidney patients, Heart disease patients, HIV patients, Transgender and the people below poverty line (BPL) etc. 

God gives to human lost of beautiful life and for this He creates beautiful nature to live better & healthy life. But some of them are Blinds, Handicapped or Helpless. These people also be rights of living healthy, Good & Happy life. So that we are request to help to our organization for really gives happiness in life in those people. Thanking You!

Various measures are also undertaken for the betterment of women such as education facilities to the girls, women old age homes and also various seminars our held for the women.

SSAPS provides scholarships and also monetary aid to bright and deserving students not only this but Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha aims at building and running a special school for the handicap, blind, deaf and orphans.  We here at Omkar Andh-Apang Samajik Sanstha our doing our bit to help these people live their lives just as any other person YOU CAN JOIN US IN THIS CAUSE AND HELP CHANGE LIFE.