Our Trust, SWAYAMSIDDHA SWAYAMROJGAR APANGA PUNARVASAN SANSTHA ( SSAPS), registered under Mumbai Trust Act, having registration under number Maharashtra state/ Reg.No.Govt. Mah. No. 1388/F-24354,Pune is established in 2010. The Trust is also registered under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act. The Trust has established its office at Tathod Building,Near Poonam Height ,Chnchwad Station,(P) Pune-411033 The Brochure containing the information regarding the activities being carried out by the Trust and the registrations under various departments is enclosed herewith for your reference.


SSAPS also became successful in implementation the special programs for the disabled women to empower them through many activities and made them empower. SSAPS made some group of women at each and every place where it is possible at respective places to get them together and learn from working together and earn for their families. Through such groups of women as SHGs our organization have implemented various income generation training program for such women. More than 1700 women have gone through such training and now earning for their families and still the process is going on. Women are helping in their family earnings with their husbands.


Many from the disabled have their own farming land but lacking of the support from the main sources and ignored by the community SSAPS have given them helping hand by Distribution of Seeds to the farmers through our organization. They got good crop and made the sound income through it which now leads them sustainable income source for them.


Beside this SSAPS also imparted the knowledge and training regarding the Soil Conservation so that they can grow good crop every year. 350 plus farmers have undergone through such programs and got benefited.


SSAPS finds every possibility to make these disabled persons to uplift in their lives and again our organization found the way to make them aware regarding tree plantation and in rural areas how Nursery works to get good income too. For such program implementation SSAPS took the local person help and implement the programs specially designed for the disabled so that they may get benefited through such training session. Many other Health awareness, education, Wheel chairs distribution to the disabled and some other Instruments distribution, literacy programs have been implemented at various places especially for the disabled.